Carnival Of Mathematics #122

Solve My Maths

I’m very pleased to be hosting the 122nd edition of the Carnival of Mathematics. Tradition states that I am duty bound to tell you something interesting about the number 122. I thought maybe I could get away with saying that 122 has a prime factorisation of 2 x 61, but is that interesting? Noop. Then I noticed that 122 is in fact the start of my favourite sequence. Yes, I have a favourite sequence.

The Kolakoski Sequence

Named after William Kolakoski, this infinite sequence has the very special property of being a recursive fractal of sorts. It’s “self referential” and uses only blocks of 1’s and 2’s. The number of 1’s and 2’s in each ‘block’ recreates the sequence! Once you have it figured out, your mind goes a bit warped trying to recreate it. All good fun.


Now to the bit you came for. Here’s a round-up of…

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